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Homeopathic vet - horses and ponies

Horses and other equines respond beautifully to natural medicine intervention. There is something very spiritual and 'primitive' or 'unspoilt' in their way of being that fits well with the holistic and natural approach.

All horses seen are offered natural feeding advice, thus avoiding the harmful or unsuitable ingredients found in so many manufactured feeds. Each patient is also checked for spinal and other alignments (back work - chiropractic - chiropractic manipulation), in support of homeopathic medicine.

Because of the holistic approach, we offer to check saddling, shoeing, stabling, grazing etc., when examining the patient. This is because those items are able to impinge significantly upon the health of the horse.

Having used homeopathy and alternative vet medicine in all species since 1972, Chris is the UK's longest-serving homeopathic vet.

Some of the diseases and conditons that the homeopathic vet is asked to treat are:

Head shaking (head-shaking, headshaking), Proud flesh, Lameness, Laminitis (Founder), Navicular Syndrome, Arthritis, Urticaria, Anaemia, Allergic Skin Disease, COPD (C.O.P.D.), Cushings Syndrome (Cushing's Disease), Periodic Ophthalmia (ERU, Recurrent Uveitis, Recurrent Ophthalmia, Moonblindness, Moon Blindness), Grass Sickness, Sesamoiditis, Gastric ulcer, Ligament problems, Tendon problems, Bleeders, Melanoma, Back problems, Sacro-Iliac problems, Neck problems, Auto-immune disease (Autoimmune), Allergy, Corneal ulcer, Osteomyelitis, Stomach ulcer, Mud Fever, Rain Scald, Ringworm, Greasy Heel, Strangles, Sinus Infection (Sinusitis), Setfast (Myoglobinuria, Tying up, ), OCD (osteochondritis dissecans), DJD (degenerative joint disease), Collagen Necrosis, Nodules, Sweet Itch (Sweetitch), Wobbler, Suspensory, Warts, Sarcoid, Skin problems, Vaccination problems.

We also offer video consultations in support of local veterinary practices, for those who are too distant to travel, who live abroad or who cannot travel to us for other reasons. This service is also available for horses.

We offer books for sale.

More information: www.alternativevet.org/horses.htm

Donkeys also respond well to homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs etc.

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