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Veterinary Homeopathy for Cats
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Feline Natural Medicine

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Homeopathic vet - cats

Cats are past masters at deriving what they want from their human companions, often with giving little away. However, in some cases, they appear to take on the role of healer and can suffer accordingly. Such cats siphon off a great deal of our stresses and anxieties.

They respond well to natural medicine, with positive outcomes in many very intractable conditions. Each cat patient receives advice on natural feeding but it must be said that not all adult cats will happily revert to a natural diet, once hooked for years on processed foods.

Each patient is offered a chiropractic check with any necessary manipulation, in support of homeopathic treatment.

Some of the diseases and conditions that the homeopathic vet is asked to treat are:

allergies, miliary eczema (miliary skin disease), chronic diarrhoea, sinusitis, corneal ulcer, wounds, ulcers, chronic snuffles (rhinitis), leukaemia (leukosis, leucosis, FeLV), FIV, FIP, FUS, rodent ulcer, corneal ulceration, abscesses, iliac thrombosis, inappropriate urine marking (urine spraying), behavioural problems, allergy, neurological problems, chorea, vaccination problems, kidney proiblems (chronic renal failure, CRF), cancer, chlamydia, auto-immune problems (autoimmune disease), gingivitis, urological syndrome, ear problems (otitis externa, otitis media), stomatitis, eosinophilic granuloma.

We also offer video consultations in support of local veterinary practices, for those who are too distant to travel, who live abroad or who cannot travel to us for other reasons. This service is also available for horses.

We offer books for sale.

Further information: www.alternativevet.org/cats.htm

Having started using homeopathy and alternative vet medicine in 1972, Chris Day is the UK's most experienced and longest-serving homeopathic vet.

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