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About us

Chinham House - home of the AVMC
Homeopathic Vet Practice

Homeopathic Vet

The first dedicated holistic veterinary practice in the UK, using integrated alternative medicine techniques.

Main Site (over 600 pages of information and opinion): www.alternativevet.org

The AVMC opened in March 1987, as a dedicated centre for holistic therapies and holistic veterinary medicine. Christopher Day, homeopathic vet and alternative vet, founder and practice principal, has been using natural medicine since he qualified in 1972. This makes him the UK's longest-serving homeopathic vet. His first introduction to alternative medicine was homeopathy, which remains his foremost specialisation.

Putting the Patient First

We now offer referral and second opinion homeopathic vet consultations, for all species, including equine [horse, pony, donkey], dog and cat, farm animals and exotic pets. Our usual case load is made up from diseases and conditions that have appeared refractory to more usual medical attention and have failed to respond sufficiently to modern conventional medicine. We are also asked to deal with such notoriously stubborn conditions as difficult or non-healing wounds, ulcers and injuries, proud flesh, osteomyelitis, corneal ulcers and other chronic conditions.

While we can make no specific promise of success, in any single case, we are happily able to report a large majority of positive outcomes.

We are delighted to discuss the therapies, techniques and philosophies with our veterinary colleagues, animal owners and others concerned for animals. You will find us enthusiastic about our patients and about veterinary practice in alternative medicine and holistic medicine. This is because the work is both exciting and rewarding.

For more information, visit www.alternativevet.org/outcomeanalysis.htm.

We also offer on-line video consultations in support of local veterinary practices, for those who are too distant to travel, who live abroad or who cannot travel to us for other reasons. This service is in support of local veterinary practices and is available for horses, ponies, dogs, cats and other species.

We offer books for sale.

Other activities include clinical research, writing books & articles, teaching & education and aiding the media.


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Chinham House

Stanford in the Vale

Home of the AVMC

The AVMC is homed in an old rural farmhouse setting, that is managed organically and biodynamically, primarily with ecology and biodiversity in mind. We use no weed killers (herbicides), insecticides or other agro-chemicals, so we do not keep the premises artificially pristine. It is also our family home. The result is a relaxed and non-threatening environment, which animals rarely perceive to be a veterinary establishment.


Homeopathy (Homoeopathy)
Herbal Medicine (Herbs, Herbalism)
Chiropractic manipulation
Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)
Bach Flowers (Flower Essences)
Schuessler Tissue Salts (Biochemic Tissue Salts)
LASER therapy
Ultrasound therapy
Magnet therapy
Natural Feeding (species-suitable diet and nutrition)
Holistic treatment and holistic advice

Species attended:
Birds of all types
Rodents (e.g. rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas)
Wild animals

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Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre
Chinham House
Stanford in the Vale
Oxfordshire SN7 8NQ (UK)
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