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Veterinary Homeopathy at the AVMC

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The AVMC was founded by the UK's longest-serving homeopathic vet Chris Day (homeopathic vet, holistic vet, natural vet, alternative vet) in March 1987. Chris qualified as a vet in 1972, from Cambridge University Veterinary School, having already become proficient at treating himself with homeopathy. As a result of using homeopathy on carefully selected patients (very refractory cases or those that clearly indicated a homeopathic vet prescription), the successes thereby achieved, counter to expectation, launched a process of personal development into specialisation in alternative medicine.

We treat dogs, cats, horses, ponies, farm animals and any other species of animal with homeopathic medicine.

In the pages of this site, we shall give a brief overview of the work of the AVMC and a short introduction to the major therapies used.

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Christopher Day, vet homeopath and alternative vet for over 40 years, has been involved in the academic and practical side of the training of homeopathic vets (veterinary homeopaths - vet homeopaths).

and: www.chiropractic-vet.co.uk


Chris Day - Practice Principal
Homeopathic Vet

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Just because it happened in a laboratory does not make it science - Christopher Day 2007.

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